Key Information

Opening Event:

  • Saturday 9, 18h. Estimated duration 3h
  • Food and Drinks included (standing cocktail, not a formal dinner).
  • Venue: Hotel Fairmont Juan Carlos I, Av Diagonal 661-671, 08028 Barcelona.
    • Welcome and Presentation of Championship plus Competition Draw
  • Access restricted to players and supporters with a ticket from Eventbrite

Closing Event:

  • Saturday 16, 20h. Estimated duration 5h
  • Gala Dinner (3h), then Public Bar available for 2h
  • Venue: Palau de Congressos de Catalunya (next to Hotel)
    • Awards, Fun and See You Next Year
  • Access restricted to players and supporters with a ticket from Eventbrite

Captains’ Meeting

  • Friday 15, 10h (estimated duration 2h)
  • Venue: Hotel Fairmont Juan Carlos I
    • Agenda will be provided during previous days. Captains are welcome to send proposals to organizers if you want to include any particular topic.
  • Please come 1 or maximum 2 people per country.

Scientific Symposium

  • The Global Congress on Medicine and Health in Sport will take place in the mornings (9.00-12.00 h) of Monday 11, Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14 at Hotel Fairmont Juan Carlos I.
  • Please note that Certificates of Attendance will be issued only on demand and during the symposium sessions.

Merchandising of WMFC Barcelona 2016

  • Sportive clothing with the logos of WMFC Barcelona 2016 have been designed and produced for the event:
    • Cap, Cotton T-Shirt, Technical Shirt, Polo Shirt and Sweater.
  • Samples will be available on Saturday 9 at opening ceremony and Sunday 10 at soccer fields.
  • Orders will be taken only during Saturday 9 and Sunday 10, then clothes stamped during the week and delivered on final day (Saturday 16).
  • Please be ready to pay cash upon ordering.


  • All registered players and technical staff will be provided with 2 all-round cards ensuring free 24h unlimited public transportation valid for 7 days: One card valid for 3 days + one card valid for 4 days. Cards are valid for all means: Bus, Underground, City Train and Tram. You may use them to transfer to soccer fields but also during free time to move around the town.
  • *Very important: each card starts its validity period when first trip is registered, so make sure you finish the validity period of one card before starting to use the second one (order does not matter)
  • Tram Line T3 is the recommended transportation to Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. End station (Sant Feliu/Consell Comarcal) is right next to FC Barcelona facilities. Info on the Tram in English and maps available at

*Tips on transportation:

  • Trams are public, so other people will be using them. Most times seats are available, but be ready to stand. Eventually a Tram may be so full that some players have to wait for the next one.
  • Supporters need to buy their own tickets. Single ticket costs 2.25€ but the recommended ticket is card T-10 (10 trips for 9.95€). Cards may be shared by multiple people on the same trip. Cards are available (vending machines) at Tram and Underground Stations and are valid for all public transportation means.
  • Tram T3 frequency is every 10-15 minutes depending on days and times. Trip from Hotel Juan Carlos I takes some 20-25 minutes to destination (end station).
  • Once there, you will see FC Barcelona facilities across the road (100m). Unfortunately we must use the access number 6, on the opposite corner of the place. So a walk of 10 minutes around the wall is required. A detailed map will be provided.
  • In case you use your own car, parking is free and available next to the same walking access.


The soccer competitions will start on Sunday 10 and run every day through Saturday 16 (final matches), except the free day on Wednesday 13.

Game schedule as follows:

Sunday 10: Group stage Day 1. Games 9-16h
Monday 11: Group stage Day 2. Games 16.30-22.30h
Tuesday 12: Group stage Day 3. Games 16.30-22.30h
Thursday 14: Quarter-finals. Games 16.30-22.30
Friday 15: Semi-finals. Games 16.30-22.30
Saturday 16: Finals. Games 9-16h

Detailed schedule for both competitions will be uploaded to after the draw at Opening Event.

All games of both competitions will be filmed and uploaded to as soon as possible (ideally during nights, to be available the next day). There are 17 games every day, so please be patient.

*Tips for competitions and use of FC Barcelona facilities

  • Schedule is very tight. Times between matches will be reduced to the minimum required to change referees and water the fields. We kindly request the collaboration of all teams to avoid delays and start games on time.
  • Standing for National Anthems: Only on Day 1 and Final Day.
  • Warming time: Teams are kindly requested to warm-up in spaces around fields while previous match is playing and be ready to start on time as soon as the game ends. Only 5 minutes time to water the fields will be elapsed between matches.
  • Please travel to fields well ahead of time (recommended arrival 1.5h before scheduled time of match).
  • Dressing rooms: Only 8 dressing rooms are available, so they need to be shared by more than one team. Please take all your belongings with you during matches, as another team will be using the same room while you are playing. Flags will indicate what room should be used by each team. Please keep dressing rooms clean and do not leave any rubbish.
  • Age bands: Players at Morell Cup must be adequately identified by wrist bands: Yellow for Over-35 and Red for Over-40. Hard paper bands will be provided by the organizers previous to each game.
  • Fields: We are using 3 big fields for Morell Cup (numbers 5, 8, 9) plus 1 small field for Vogel Cup (number 6). Please keep fields tidy and clean.
  • Surface: All games to be played on high quality artificial grass (FIFA ***). Fields will be watered previous to each game, so the touch is almost like real grass. Metal soles are not allowed. Both turf soles and plastic moulded studs are adequate, depending on each player’s preference.
  • Referees: All referees belong to the official Catalan Football Federation. Matches in the Morell Cup are assigned a team of 3 (main + 2 linesmen) Only 1 referee for the Vogel Cup. Referees may require teams to check numbers, identities and age bands before the matches, please be ready to ease the process.
  • Temperatures: Barcelona can be very hot in July, so around noon temperatures over 30-35ºC can be expected. Sun skin protection is a must for players and supporters. The last may also use hats or umbrellas, as not much shade is available at seating areas.
  • Water for players: Will be provided by organizers previous to each game. A team representative should pick it up at the organizers’ desk.
  • Bar/Restaurant: Available next to fields, with plenty of food and drink options (chilled beer!)
  • Optional laundry service: Soccer clothes to be collected by the team into the provided plastic bags and handed to organizers after the games. Clean clothes will be delivered next day. Please check rates and be ready to pay cash.
  • Medical Assistance: Urgent Medical Assistance for injuries during games will be available, including on-site urgent care and/or transfer by ambulance to the nearest hospital, when required.
 IMPORTANT: Please note that any further medical care, like hospital admission or emergency area assistance IS NOT COVERED by the organizers. All players and technical staff signed a liability waiver stating they are taking part in the games at their own risk. We strongly recommend all players to be in possession of a valid medical insurance and check that it adequately covers amateur sport - related injuries. Remember that medical costs can be expensive if not insured.
  • Physiotherapist/Masseur: Available on demand. Please contact organizers and check rates.
  • Organizers: A central desk with staff from the organizers will be available during games for any assistance to teams.

Reflection on Players Safety

Football is a Sport where physical contact plays a key role and some degree of injury risk must be accepted.
However, the intensity of tackling is obviously directly related to the likelihood and severity of potential damage to colleague players.
And let us remind that we are not professional players.
We fully endorse the attached letter (see below), an initiative from the Australian Team, and would like all Captains share a constructive reflection within their teams, in order to avoid excessive force and minimize consequent lesions.
In any case, we have instructed referees on the amateur spirit of the championships and to be very strict at penalizing tackles with excessive force or risk of injury.

Reflection on general attitude during matches.

Football is (or should be) a game of gentlemen. A championship of Medical Doctors can only be an example of education and respect towards colleague players and referees.
Misconduct of any kind is not accepted and will be strictly punished by referees.

Wish you all a wonderful week in Barcelona.
Please check website and contact organizers for any assistance.