News – 3rd day

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*** Timetable has changes for some games of Morell’s and Vogel’s cup due to an error of scheduling, please CHECK ***


News – 3rd day

To all teams:

 After a meeting with the management of FC Barcelona we agreed on some modifications to rules at their facilities:

 1- Teams are allowed to bring their own balls under the following conditions:

-Teams may use balls only during warm-up, then keep balls together under control.

-Balls to play the games will be provided by organizers

-No other balls should be around during games. Specially no kids playing with balls around soccer pitches

 2- Please remind supporters they should stay in the seating areas behind fences

 3- Not permitted to step on natural grass areas

 4-No alcohol or smoking is permitted in the whole area

 5-On Thursday and Friday the fields will again be busy with a summercamp until 16.30 and should not be entered by players until kids are gone.

-In some cases, the organizers of the summercamp may allow players to warm-up in areas they are not using from 16h. If that is the case, only players may enter the fields and should respect the assigned areas.

-Scheduled time to start first games is 16.30 but, as a consequence, please be ready to delays of 20 minutes to all prescheduled times for matches.

 6- Please follow instructions of staff at FC Barcelona facilities diligently

 7- GOOD News for kids:

On Thursday and Friday we will arrange a match among kids of all countries on field number 5, at 21h.

Interested kids please go to field 5.

Please any adults willing to help with organization of this Junior Cup come over to field 5 as well

 Good games to everyone



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